Thornton Research is committed to offering its clients thorough, accurate and cost-effective investigations. Whether your needs call for evidence or intelligence, Thornton Research is skilled at obtaining information while staying within local, state and federal laws. Each case we accept is professionally documented and guaranteed to satisfy rules of evidence. To safeguard your interests, all Thornton Research investigators adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.

Bodily injury claims can severely impact the bottom line of a company or municipality. Thornton Research specializes in assisting claims handlers, attorneys, and risk managers to investigate alleged disabilities through the use of video surveillance. Using a combination of tested methods and emergent technologies we have been very successful documenting claimant's activities "on film". To complete the picture, we provide thorough written documentation and are available to testify if necessary. All surveillance activity and related documentation is guaranteed to satisfy rules of evidence.

• Civil investigations - plaintiff and defense
• Criminal defense
• Trial preparation
• Witness locates and interviews
• Background investigations
• Document and record searches
• Law enforcement liaison
• Still/video scene documentation
• Process service
• Asset searches for judgment recovery
Information Brokerage Services

All investigations include thorough and accurate written reports, which are guaranteed to hold up in court.


• Due diligence
• Financial background checks/profiles
• Profiles of principals, accomplishments, education, lifestyle
• Undisclosed positions, affiliations or conflicts of interests
• Exaggerated claims of wealth
• Bankruptcies, liens and judgments
• Past or pending civil and criminal litigation/arrests/convictions


• Pre-employment background checks
• Civil and criminal histories
• Resume verification
• Employment and salary histories
• Educational histories
• DMV histories
• Workers compensation histories
• Harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination investigations


• Fraud investigations
• Theft/embezzlement
• Quality/shopping investigations
• Workplace surveillance
• Plain-clothes/undercover operations

• Child custody issues
• Neglect/abuse
• Background checks on child care providers
• Supervision
• Fidelity issues
• Pre-marital backgrounds
• Domestic surveillance

We assist U.S. and foreign media in the following areas:

• Locating news sources
• Arranging interviews/access
• Public record searches
• Verification of information
• Body worn/hidden cameras