Jonathan Thornton graduated from Boston University’s School of Management in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. In the fall of 1988, he began a career in news photography with Media Photo Group in New York City. Soon thereafter, he went to work as a wire service photographer for United Press International (UPI) at their world headquarters in Washington D.C. Thornton worked at UPI until 1991 when he joined Reuters News Pictures to cover the Croatian and Bosnian wars. Thornton’s coverage of the Bosnia war was nominated for the 1992 Pulitzer Prize and 1993 World Press Photo Award. By 1995, having been shot three times, Jonathan grew weary of his life as a war photographer and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to be with family.

In May 1996, Thornton began a full-time career in private investigations. Over the past 20+ years, Thornton has investigated thousands of civil and criminal cases for law firms, businesses, insurance companies, government agencies and individuals. Thornton’s strength as an investigator is his ability to understand client’s needs, perform tasks autonomously from anywhere, and provide thorough, accurate and insightful reports of his findings.

Thornton specializes in three areas, civil investigations, investigative research and surveillance. The objective of each case Thornton accepts is to provide clients with actionable information in a timely manner.

Thornton is frequently called on by attorneys to conduct investigative interviews. His success at interviews is based on understanding of what information is needed, planning how to obtain it, listening to the person being interviewed and having the mental agility to deviate from an anticipated interview path to obtain unanticipated information.

Investigative research is a critical component of Thornton’s business. During his career, Thornton has cultivated a vast network of sources that allow him to provide clients with information necessary to their case. His investigative research picks up where public databases leave off. Thornton diligently verifies the information in his reports, which has made him a trusted source for asset investigations, background research and locates of all kinds. In addition to conducting investigative research in the office, Thornton has traveled extensively throughout the country on cases ranging from a $500,000,000 asset search for Chrysler Corporation to locating fraudulently sold Olympic jumping horses.

As an investigator and former news photographer Thornton is uniquely qualified for the demands of video surveillance. Thornton has personally logged thousands of hours conducting video surveillance, which has allowed him to develop techniques that increase video coverage, reduce exposure and enhance his ability to work in challenging environments. His experience is this area of investigations is used to assist risk mangers, government agencies, law firms and businesses.

Thornton Research has the ability to conduct multiple cases concurrently with its team of skilled, professional investigators. Jonathan has personally trained and managed these individuals on previous investigative assignments and continues to oversee their work product to ensure that clients receive consistent, professional investigations. All Thornton Research investigators adhere to a strict Code of Conduct to protect clients' and their interests.

All Thornton Research investigators are properly licensed and bonded.

All Thornton Research investigators are insured with errors and omissions coverage.

The Law:
Thornton Research investigators are trained in the legal issues of surveillance/investigations. All observations and documentation of a subject&Mac185;s activities are conducted from lawful vantagepoints with the highest standards of integrity.

Thornton Research investigators are trained to remain objective; they do not self-edit their work nor do they make personal decisions about what activity is important and what is not. Thornton Research investigators collect and document information/activity at every available opportunity.

Thornton Research investigators maintain close communication with clients to provide progress reports and billing information.

Thornton Research investigators maintain strict confidentiality concerning all aspects of an investigation. They do not make contact with the subject of investigation, their friends, family or acquaintances unless directed to do so by the client.

Thornton Research investigators consistently provide the highest quality investigative product in the industry. Clients will receive clear, identifiable video/stills, detailed reports, and prompt service.

Thornton Research leads the surveillance community using well maintained, "state of the art" equipment.